Pro Staff

  Lou Spano
Lou Spano, owner of MUDDY FOWLER INC. I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada and I was introduced to waterfowl hunting by my brother Dom. After my first waterfowl hunt "I WAS HOOKED".

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  Rob Hallett
I grew up hunting. Every weekend I was either out chasing grouse or whitetail with my father. I was introduced to waterfowling around 10 years ago and it has become an addiction. One of my proudest moments in the field was being able to teach my father how to hunt ducks and geese and seeing the excitement he no doubt saw on my face as a young kid growing up in the bush. Ever since then it has been my greatest passion to take new hunters out and see that smile. Work as a biologist has allowed me to become even more invested in the sport, by directly contributing to conservation. First up, first to the field, first to smile, and I hope to see you there.

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  Tyler Dawson
I have been an avid hunter for about 5 years now and counting. I enjoy hunting geese, duck, turkey and deer. I am proud to call Muddy Fowler my new source for duck and goose calls. I plan to take advantage of this opportunity and participate in calling competitions. I am excited to demonstrate how to use their products with current and new hunters that I mentor in the field.

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  Anthony Rossi
Well it all started when I was very young. I used to see my father come home on a Saturday with some ducks or geese, I found it fascinating .

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  Mike Gill
I was introduced to hunting at an early age by my father. At age 12 I shot my first goose, after that day I was hooked. I am now 19 years old and am obsessed with waterfowl hunting.

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  Nino Spagnolo
Nino lives in Southern Ontario. He was introduced to the sport as a youngster by his father and older brother and has been waterfowl hunting for over 20 years.

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  Matthew Oldfield
I live and hunt in southern Ontario. I've been waterfowl hunting for the last four years. It is almost a part of life during the fall and winter.

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  Peter Mast
  Matt Blanchard
My father started me into waterfowl hunting at an early age and I started hunting waterfowl in Eastern Ontario shortly after I acquired my license. It is one of my passions and I have introduced my kids to it at the ages of 2 & 3 and they are still excited to see the season come around at ages 6 & 7.

  Sarah Mast
  Brandon Krukowski
I was introduced to hunting at a young age, but didn't fall into my own until after I graduated school. It was my father in law and fellow pro-staffer Peter Mast who got me hooked on waterfowl hunting, and now it's a true passion. The best part about waterfowl hunting for me is the time shared with family and friends. I am honored to be part of the MFI team.

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  Dylan Albert
I shot my first bird on my 20th birthday, my uncle took me hunting and we shot a couple birds and I've been hooked since then I live and breath for duck and goose hunting and just being in the outdoors with my family and friends.

  Kevin Connor
Born and raised in Ontario, Canada. He started hunting almost 20 years ago. Fowl is his passion. "It's my pleasure to help bring these products and knowledge of waterfowl to new and seasoned hunters."

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  Jacob Allan
He started off as a deer hunter. Shortly after that went on his first waterfowl hunt. From there he was hooked. Now he eats, sleeps and breathes waterfowl!

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  Steven Wong

I shot my first Mallard and I was hooked! 18 years later nothing beats calling and watching Mallards or Canada's commit to your spread. I have trained two chocolate labs, the first one named Parco and the second one names Roscoe. It's a great feeling to watch the dogs work and bring home the prize.

I was lucky to meet Lou Spano 15 years ago and I am fortunate to Pro Staff and promote a company leading the Waterfowl calling industry - Muddy Fowler.
Thanks and happy hunting.

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  Aaron Dyer
I grew up hunting deer and small game in Eastern Ontario and I was introduced to goose hunting by some of my roommates and after that, I developed an addiction for everything and anything waterfowl.
Perth, Ontario

  Tyler Richards
I grew up in southern Ontario. I have been hunting for about 3 years now. Waterfowl hunting is my passion, I've never hunted anything else because I eat, sleep, and breathe duck and goose hunting. I cannot get enough of it. If I'm not blowing a call I'm scouting! I got my dad and brother just as addicted as myself last year it's a very contagious sport!! What I love most about hunting waterfowl is watching the birds work over the decoys and landing them right down on the water with the help from a Muddy fowler call. Happy to be a part of the team!

  Cody Verkoeyen
I live and hunt in Southern Ontario about 45 mins from Jack miner bird sanctuary. From hunting lake St.Clair to the fields I've been hooked on waterfowl hunting ever since I was a kid. I love to hunt the different species waterfowl hunting has to offer.


  Bobby Warring
Growing up I spent most of my time in the outdoors or playing sports. I basically have 2 seasons, hunting season, and Motocross season. Being introduced to hunting at an early age I grew up shooting squirrels and gophers with my dad, and then got into big game from there.

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  Matt Sparks
At the age of 9 I started to go hunting with my uncle Jamie in southwestern Ontario for whitetail. So began my love for hunting. As soon as I was old enough I completed my hunting course and junior firearms. I've been hunting ever since.

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  John Gallant
Hi there my name Is John Gallant. I am 39 years old and live in Prince Edward Island. I have been an avid hunter and Fisher since I could walk and talk. I enjoy hunting all species of Canadian game big and small but first and foremost I live and breathe waterfowl hunting.

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