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Muddy Fowler Duck Calls - Natural Instinct

Natural Instinct Double Reed duck call, the name says it all. Inspired by an enthusiastic youngster, "Porter", ( Waterfowler def: a hunter of waterfowl ) and a mallard duckling (Mallard def: a common and widely distributed dabbling duck of the northern hemisphere) maturing into their niche. Natural Instinct was designed to be all duck from top to bottom with unmatched range and cadence every hunter demands. Each call is hand tuned with our new tone board and reed design. It starts with a tone board ramp designed to prevent sticking without compromising performance. The top reed is ported allowing moisture to escape which in turn prevents top reed weigh down and lock up. Natural Instinct is also equipped with our Total Control System giving the call operator unmatched pitch variation. "Natural Instinct" top to bottom a duck harvesting machine!